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100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

For Vytec, Vyper, Gekko

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See your computer and compass. Release them; they will return to your site. They will not bother and remain easy to find.
For the exclusive use of the Suunto computers: Vytec, Vyper, Gekko.

Spring and other components of stainless steel coated nylon.
Length 63cm
Resists up to a weight of 27 kg-

Q/IIC connector:

  • It allows an easy disconnection
  • Swivel to lengthen the life of cable
  • It includes connector with ring and clip connector

The holder may receive a computer suunto (computer sold separately).

Girth in polycarbonate safety. It allows to set the computer to support.

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    Suunto was founded in 1936 by Tuomas Vohlonen, inventor of the fluid-filled field compass. Suunto has been at the forefront of design and innovation of sports watches, dive computers and instruments used by adventurers from all over the world. Suunto equipped physically and mentally to adventurers to conquer new territories in nature. The headquarters and main factory of Suunto are located in Vantaa, Finland. Its products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Are affiliated with brands like Salomon, Arc' Arc'Teryx, Wilson, Precor, Atomic and Mavic.

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