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Aqua Lung Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Titan LX ACD Regulator by AquaLung. With 2 HP Outputs and 4 MP outputs. Available in 2 models: Yoke (INT) and DIN


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Common Specifications:
ʉۢ YOKE Maximum flow pressure: 232 bar
ʉۢ DIN maximum flow pressure: 300 bar
ʉۢ 4 MP Output 3/8 UNF
ʉۢ 2 HP Output 7/16 UNF
ʉۢ Flow: 1400 l/min with HP = 200 bar
 â€¢ MP hose: Length: 730 ± 5 mm
ʉۢ 2n Stage Weight: 175g

TITAN LX ACD Specifications:
 â€¢ Medium Pressure: 9.5 bar ± 0.5 bar
ʉۢ Titan Yoke Weight: 1105g
ʉۢ Titan Din Weight: 965G
ʉۢ HP Yoke Weight: 770g
ʉۢ HP Din Weight: 630g

TITAN LX ACD Technical Supreme:
 â€¢ Medium Pressure: 8.5 bar ± 0.5 bar
ʉۢ Titan Yoke Weight: 1191g
ʉۢ Titan Din Weight: 1035g
ʉۢ HP Yoke Weight: 856g
ʉۢ HP Din Weight: 700g

ʉۢ ACD (Auto Closure Device)
ʉۢ Type: balanced diaphragm
ʉۢ Mechanism: In T
ʉۢ Material: Brass plated multilayers
ʉۢ Removable seat: Yes - Inox
ʉۢ General details: Yes - + Legend + Mikron Kronos
ʉۢ Flow 200 b: 1450 l/min
ʉۢ Connection: DIN 300 B or 232 B Yoke
ʉۢ DIN Weight: 463 g
ʉۢ Yoke Weight: 655 g
ʉۢ Outputs MP & HP pre-oriented: Yes
ʉۢ HP Output: 2 - MP Outputs: 4

ʉۢ Compensatory mechanisms of membrane in T. Inspiratory comfort. Respiratory yields:
  - Easy to breathe
  - Moving parts isolated from the environment.
  - Stability of yields.
ʉۢ Reduced size - Symmetry on the outputs.
ʉۢ Protection Polyurethane - Stage 1 protected against impact.
ʉۢ Wear parts that already exist (HP Seat, membrane ...). Ease of maintenance.
ʉۢ ACD System - To keep the performance of the regulator.
ʉۢ Outputs MP and HP pre-oriented - 4 outputs MP - 2 HP ports.

ʉۢ Type: A compensated demand
ʉۢ Mechanism: valve backing
ʉۢ Material:
  - Silicone mouthpiece, the diaphragm and exhalation valve
  - ABS housing
  - Polyurethane for the paperback.
ʉۢ Diving in cold water: Supreme version only)
ʉۢ Sensitivity adjustment: No
ʉۢ Adjustable Venturi: Yes
ʉۢ Aperture value: 2.5 to 3.5 mbar (3.3 to 4.3 in Supreme)
ʉۢ Weight: 175 g
ʉۢ flexible length: 730 mm
ʉۢ General details: Yes

ʉۢ Geometry designed for a good grip on the 2nd stage.
ʉۢ Comfobite nozzle (patented) attached with a removable and reusable flange:
  - Reduce the fatigue of the jaw muscles
  - Fast nozzles for disinfection operations through its reusable flange
  - The cover protects from the cold lips.
ʉۢ Cover Polyurethane: High wear resistance:
  - Protects the second stage of shock
  - Purge the regulator easy.
ʉۢ Heat exchanger: Delete the BTU created by the pressure drop
ʉۢ Patented.
ʉۢ An adjustment lever Venturi effect, ergonomic, efficient and progressive:
  - Reduce any continuous flow on the surface.
ʉۢ internal baffles in the tubular portion of the nozzle:
  - It channels the air flow uniformly in the nozzle during the inspiration.

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