Delivery conditions




We normally ship orders via DHL, with a service 48 hours for orders in the EU and 4 days for deliveries in the rest of the world.

How much is the transport?

If the weight of your order is less than 100Kg, the price of transportation will appear each time you add a product to the shopping cart. Conversely, if weight is greater than 100Kg, we will contact you to tell you the exact amount of shipping.

Must I be at home at the time of delivery?

Yes, someone must be home to receive the packages. If it is not possible, please provide your business address or the address of a friend or family member. In this case don't forget to prevent them!

What happens if no one at home when DHL delivery?

Do not worry. DHL will try to make the delivery again during some times. Passed this time, and if delivery failed, the package we will be returned. In this case, we will return the customer money paid for products but not for transport.

¿ Can I stop a shipment which has already run out of the offices of Subprof?

No, it is not possible. As soon as the payment is already it is impossible to go back to the shipping.

Is there any cost of supplementary transport than those shown on the website?

No: the unique price of transportation you must pay appears in the web site shopping cart.

I have to pay something in the delivery of the package?

If you live in EEC, do not. The indicated price in your shopping cart already includes transport and taxes.
In many countries such as Turkey, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, etc. do not bear any rate of import on products from the EEC but, in these cases, you must pay the carrier local purchase tax. The local Chamber of Commerce can provide you with more information in this regard. You should just tell them that you want to import scuba equipment from the European economic community.

If you live in the United States, here you have all the necessary information regarding import fees:

Less than $200US purchase value: do not pay any additional charge.

Value of greater than $ 200US purchase: in this case they will have to pay to the carrier when you receive the package 4.2% of the total amount charged on the invoice (transport price + price buy) concept of tariffs and customs paperwork.
And these are the import fees that you could pay for deliveries in the following countries:

Australia 5%   Guatemala 20%
Bahamas 35%   Hong Kong Free
Brazil 22.5%   Israel Free
Canada 7.5%   Japan Free
Costa Rica 9%   Korea 8%
Cuba 15%   Mexico Free
Chile 7%   New Zeland 7%
China 12%   Peru 12%
Dominican, Republic 8%   Poland Free
Ecuador 20%   Russia 15%
Egypt 5%   Thailand 10%
Arab Emirates 4%   Taiwan 5%
Estonia Free   Uruguay 22.5%
The Philippines 3%   Venezuela 20%


We have obtained this information from the web page of DG Trade European Commission by way of guidance. Tariffs and customs regulations vary in different countries, and it is difficult to know its operation accurately. For this reason, we recommend that you call your local Chamber of Commerce who you will report in more detail. You should just tell them that you want to import scuba equipment from the European economic community.

According to our experience, in countries like Russia and Mexico, it is best to make orders of little value separately to be sent under the same name if desired, but on separate days. While you pay more in transport, which will leave you more profitable because you save money by way of tariffs.

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