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Air, nitrox and measurement instrument with air management.With the added feature of the measurement of air in the Vyper, you?ll have all the basic information in your hands just to have a happy diving.

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Air, nitrox and measurement instrument with air management.

With the added feature of the measurement of air in the Vyper, you?ll have all the basic information in your hands just to have a happy diving.

Besides the information you usually find in the Vyper, you?ll also be able to see the tank pressure and the remaining air.The air consumption during a diving is stored as a pressure value, delta P, in the memory book-note diving. And if you wish it you can connect the soberb compass SK7 to the Cobra.

Innovator features:

When you dive with the Cobra or with the Vyper, you?ll have the option to set the time alarm and depth which will make you a more confortable diving. When diving you?ll be able to jot down profiles in the diving note-book for further information. The stored diving information ,even profiles can be read from the screen or from a PC. The air consumption comes up as a fall down pressure in the tank, besides all the others datas from the daily diving of a Vyper computer.

The only system of the consulting botton allows you to see on the screen  the real time during your diving. The possibility to create a personal adjustement by means of the Personal and Heigt , they provide much more versatile and safety for the diver. The Cobra has got a screen of high definition with a strong brightness which can be adjusted to keep it turned on from 5 to 30 seconds and it switches on by itself in the case o fan important warning.

Optional fast connection.

The Cobra can be connected by means of the Suunto fast connection. With the fast connection you?ll be able to take your Cobra off from the high pressure pipe very easily and reliabely, to protect your device. When disconnectig the air flow is cut off from the out- let ( HP ), avoiding any air wasting.

Main features:

3 operation ways ( Air,Nitrox, Measurement )

Full information about decompression stops.

36 memory hours of diving profile.

36 hours of diving frame.

Historical memory for the whole life.

Memory for profile records.

Information about the pressure tank and the remaining air.

Compatible 300 bar ( 5000psi ).

Interface PC.

Ascent speed indicator.

Personal adjustement.

Height adjustment 0-300 m. ( 0-10000 feet ).

Automatic countdown of safety stop.

Wide field of decompression.

Diving simulator integrated.


Alarm clock.

Brightness light.

User-replaceable battery.

Depth on the screen 0-150 m (150 feet ).

Sounding alarms.

Maximum depth alarm.

Optional fast connection of high pressure Screen protection.



Metrical units or imperial ( changed by the user ).

RGBM by Suunto.



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