Scuba and Dive computers

Dive computers


Scuba computers working with batteries that are found in a sealed compartment and resisting pressure. These computers record the immersion time and pressure. All the computers measure the environmental pressure to model the concentration of gases in the diver.

The most advanced show additional data such as the temperature of the water, the gas composition, depth or pressure of gas remaining in the tank. 
Computers used pressure and time in a decompression algorithm to estimate the partial pressure of inert gases in the body of the diver. Based on these calculations, the computer estimates when it is no longer possible to make a direct ascent and calculates the stops to be performed depending on the profile of the dive.
Scuba and dive computers use atmospheric pressure to perform decompression calculations
Therefore, it is recommended that the diver who travel by plane before the dive take computer with him in the cabin to take into account the changes of pressure suffered by the Agency.
Scuba computers are a device that is used at all levels of diving, from the field military recreation through professionals. These devices will meet, in brief, 60 years of existence in which have experienced a significant evolution.
Today, they have gone from being used only at the military level to become virtually indispensable for anyone who wants to practice this sport. The development of the necessary technology has made this tool see clearly benefit and therefore the dives are increasingly safer.
The technology today is make the complex easy"
Their instruments are designed with very practical features such as replacing batteries and the synchronization of the transmitter's lifetime, thus always ready to dive.
All dive computers perform the same basic functions: provide depth and immersion time (air pressure in computers with integration of air)
From here we can begin to consider the incorporation of functions and additional options that are best suited to our needs.
• Remaining air time
• Remaining dive time
• % O2
• Number of gases
• Visual or audible alarms
• Possibility of shock
• Size, color and material
• Warranty
• Compass
And much more...


Screens promising OLED, on most dive computers have liquid crystal displays since that are very cheap and consume little power. Few screens are in color. There are rare exceptions such as the new Aqua Lung computer i750TC.

For reasons of easy reading, some manufacturers have become larger and easier-to-read screens. Some models also integrate an electronic compass as the Aqua Lung i750TC and Aqua Lung i450T. The high-end models have a function (In ICE
Case of Emergency) that allows access to the diver in case of accident data: name, phone, blood group, allergies, etc.

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