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The Lince mask follows on a few months after the presentation of the Matrix on the market, a mask that immediately won the hearts of enthusiasts with its extraordinary features.



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The Lince mask follows on a few months after the presentation of the Matrix on the market, a mask that immediately won the hearts of enthusiasts with its extraordinary features.

The Lince copies the revolutionary concepts developed over the past few years by the experts at Cressi in the sector of masks, introduced for the first time with Big Eyes, concepts that have marked new points of reference in the sector.

For the main part these principles concern the exceptional intuition of the raked lenses of a given angle to the skirt surface, considerably increasing the downward field of vision. Naturally, although this is a revolutionary concept, it is not enough to guarantee maximum visibility if it is not combined with a special geometry of the lenses themselves, which must have an elongated downward shape, special dimensional relations, be matched to a very slim frame and shaped so as to be invisible when wearing the mask.

The Lince introduces a new supremacy in the sector, for the first time applying these principles to a very small-size mask. The result is surprising in that the Lince is the first mask in the world with a very small internal volume, even smaller than the legendary Cressi Superocchio (a specific mask for deep-sea scuba diving), while having all the exceptional features of the Matrix, in terms of visibility.

Basically, the Lince can be considered a ?younger sister? of the Matrix, which it copies the main features from, also very suitable for deep-sea diving.


The allergy-free, newly designed silicon skirt, complete with internal seal ring, offers a perfect fit to the face and excellent comfort. Sealing is optimal for a wide variety of facial conformations and is specially suited to smaller profiles, typical of women and younger people.

The lenses are even closer to the eyes, guaranteeing visibility equal to that of the Matrix, even though the skirt is more compact and the lenses have a smaller surface area.

The new-design frame is of minimum thickness and sits under the cheekbones, ending up completely invisible.
New research into materials has made it possible to make this frame with a perfect combination of polished polycarbonate and rubber material. This black material has a strong grip that covers the side zones and the upper arch of the frame with a protective and aesthetic effect at the same time.

The adjustment buckles on the frame are a new type, enclosed in the structure of the frame and make adjustment easy and immediate simply using finger pressure.

A new strap made from very soft silicone with a particularly broad neck rest, completes the mask for comfort without precedent.

Technical features

- Raked front lenses, with minimum lens-eye distance and shaped so as to offer maximum possible visibility
- Very slim frame with rubber material inserts, transparent on the lower part and completely invisible
- New skirt with internal seal ring for a perfect seal on every face type
- Very small internal volume
- Very light
- New rapid-adjustment buckles enclosed in the frame
- New strap with greater contact area
- Modern and appealing design
Dimensions: 158 mm x 105.5 mm

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  • Interior volume: Reduced Volume
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  • Mask Color: Black Color
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