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Bottle of energetic deodorant to add the wetsuit rinsing water . 15ML



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    1. Fill a sink, bathtub or large container with enough warm or cold water to submerge item.
    2. Add 15 ml MiraZyme for 75 L of water and mix. Use 60 ml for a 75 L drum.
    3. Unzip all garment and compartment zips. Submerge item in solution, saturating inside and out.
    4. Soak 5 minutes then remove.
    5. DO NOT RINSE OR MACHINE DRY. Air dry item before use or storage.


    May darken some leathers.

    Test for colorfastness before use.

    FOR TENTS AND BIVY SACKS: Unzip doors and turn item inside out. Use 30 ml MiraZyme in 75 L of water.

  • FOR STUBBORN OR SEVERE ODOURS such as pet accidents, skunk spray, etc:

    Use approx. 15 – 30 ml per 4 L.

    STORAGE: Cap bottle tightly and store in a cool, dry place.


    1. Mix MiraZyme with water in a ratio of 15 ml per quart of water.
    2. Spray solution directly onto odour source, saturating item inside and out.
    3. Air dry.

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