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TECHNISUB FOCUS QUARTZ MK2 If it is unthinkable to dive at night without a torch, it is also true that this makes daytime dives more pleasant and complete. Daylight penetrates only a few metres underwater, and as the depth increases, the real colours disappear and the underwate

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Same characteristics as the Raggio with Quartz-Iodine halogen bulb (3.300 °K).



The reflector 


It is better to have a concentrated beam of light underwater, as it improves the divers ability to see through the suspension, and provides superior light into the recesses. The reflector must be designed so that the reflected rays come out parallel to each other underwater, generating a cylindrical and uniform beam (Fig. 2).

The light beam of a diving torch must have:
- a circular shape without haloes
- uniform light distribution over the entire lit surface area
- absence of shadowed areas the faceted multi-mirror computer designed parabolas have established themselves recently. These generate a compact and evenly distributed beam of light and not only that, they compensate for manufacturing imperfections in the bulbs.


This is the container of power of the torches.
It is possible to use alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Two types of battery are most commonly used today:
Nickel Cadmium (NiCd): extremely sturdy and reliable, of different capacities, they accept partial recharging, the memory effect has been completely eliminated. They can also be recharged if they are completely flat. Total recharging must last for 14-16 hours, otherwise the life expectancy of the batteries is lowered
Nickel Metal Hydride Metalidrato (NiMh): with various capacities, they accept both total and partial rapid recharging. They achieve 90% of the charge in quite a short time, the remaining 10% takes a lot longer in proportion. They have an excellent capacity/size ratio, so they have high amperes in small dimensions.

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    TECHNISUB is an Italian manufacturer of diving equipment. The company's name is derived from "underwater technology." The current President is Paul Ferraro, son of the founder Luigi Ferraro. The TECHNISUB was founded October 13 1962 by Luigi Ferraro in Genoa, with his son Italo Ferraro, Carlos Reinberg and Paul Roger. In 1969 sponsored expedition to the underwater caves of Capo Caccia, during which was obtained a record of 310 meters from via siphon. In 2011 acquires TECHNISUB White Manufacturing Ltd., an American born in 1956, the leader of the industry in dry suits the Techisub produces equipment for diving, including: fins, masks, ventilators, BCD, tanks, wet suits, gloves, boots, flashlights, knives, bracelets, belts, markers and buoys.

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