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7mm + optional jacket for cold water

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New version of the Facile wetsuit completely made from highly elastic Ultraspan neoprene, which makes it easy to put on and take off and provides unequalled freedom of movement. 5-7 mm thick all-in-one with incorporated hood, zips up at the front, complete with exclusive WSS anti-infiltration system.

Wrists and ankles are made perfectly watertight with double neoprene seals (2 mm single-lined, bonded inside the traditional 3 mm cuff).

For cold water dives the wetsuit can be matched with the specific 5 mm jacket, which zips up at the back.


Nuova Facile is the new version of the former Facile wetsuit that is highly appreciated by all-season divers.

In the new version the type of neoprene has been completely replaced, and is now a modern 7 mm thick Ultraspan, with extraordinary elasticity to make it easy and quick to put on and take off as well as giving the wearer great freedom of movement.

The wetsuit consists of an all-in-one with incorporated hood that can also be worn with a short-sleeved vest, to be purchased separately.

A series of expedients minimises water infiltration without having to use a watertight zip, which as we know makes the wetsuit stiffer and less comfortable, as well as upping the purchase price by a great deal.

The Cressi-invented WSS (Water Stop System) has been used to reduce water infiltration through the main zip (which runs from the waist to the right cheek), like in its predecessor; this consists of a 3 mm neoprene bib bonded to the inside of the wetsuit at the main zip. The tiny bit of water that inevitably penetrates the zip doesn"t make it to the diver"s body, which is what usually happens, but remains between the inner band of the all-in-one and this bib, whose own zip (so the garment can be worn) is not in line with the main zip.

Basically it"s a bit like having an all-in-one wetsuit with an incorporated undergarment but only at the chest area, and bonded to the wetsuit.

The Facile all-in-one is therefore warmer than any other similar suit on the market.

It has differentiated thicknesses: 7 mm for maximum protection in all zones and 5 mm at the chest, to guarantee easy ventilation.

The incorporated hood, which prevents the much deplored water infiltrations at the neck, has a system to release stale air by forcing it through a special valve, stopping the actual air that builds up in the hood from causing disturbing swelling and infiltration.

And the wrist and ankle seals are also characterised by minimised water entry, without ever forgetting the easy putting on and taking off. So they have single-lined 2 mm neoprene seals, with the smooth part turned outwards, bonded to the inner of the traditional 3 mm cuff. Gloves and boots are sandwiched between two layers of neoprene, between the seal and the main garment, making it practically waterproof.

If the water is very cold, it is possible to wear the special double lined 5 mm thick neoprene jacket over the all-in-one. This is a short-sleeved jacket and is high-cut enough to allow great freedom of movement. In order to prevent annoying overlapping of zips and possible water infiltration, the zip has been positioned on the back. The jacket comes in the STANDARD version (double-lined neoprene) and the ULTRASPAN version (Ultraspan neoprene).


In keeping with the current fashions on the market, the wetsuit is black, with a grey band on the hood and small wording, as well as orange particulars.

Who it"s for

  • The all-in-one is perfect for water of average temperatures, like in the Mediterranean during summer or in the northern zones of the Red Sea in winter. The extraordinarily elastic material makes it very easy to put on and take off, so the wetsuit is also perfect for dive centres to hire out.
  • If the jacket is also worn it turns into a truly warm suit for colder temperatures. We mustn"t forget that the some 13 mm thick neoprene at the chest (thanks to the WSS) makes the wetsuit perfect even in really deep water, where its thermal power is superior than the semi-dry suits provides suitable compression even if it is considerably compressed by the pressure.


Nuova Facile comes in the men"s and women"s versions. The available sizes are:

  • man - from II to VI
  • woman - from I to V


II 166/171 60/70 72 84 84
III 171/176 70/80 78 92 90
IV 176/181 80/90 84 100 96
V 181/186 90/100 90 108 102
VI 186/191 100/110 96 116 108


I 158/163 --- 62 83 88
II 163/168 --- 66 88 92
III 168/173 --- 70 93 96
IV 173/178 --- 74 98 100
V 178/183 --- 78 103 104


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